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Insurance receipt provided with the Naturopathic Association of Quebec. 

If you’re suffering from chronic health conditions or if you have unresolved symptoms that your physicians are not able to help you. This is where Naturopathy can be a sustainable tool for you.

Naturopathy strives to always look for the root causes and support your journey at eliminating them through nutrition and supplementation. 

Andra Sitoianu, ND is a Certified Naturopath, and offers virtual consultations to clients worldwide.

A Functional Medicine consultation involves all of the following: 

  • Review your health and medical history
  • Access your current diet and lifestyle
  • Review previous medications, previous lab tests and supplements
  • Find the root cause and discuss the history of on-set of you health concerns
  • The goal of this visit is to prepare a personalized plan, to address your health problems.
  • Discuss new dietary, supplementation and lifestyle changes to support your healing journey and a sustainable level of vitality and energy.
  • Recommend functional testing if needed, to identify any hidden causes.


Naturopathic Counseling benefits include: 

  • Tackle your symptoms from nature's perspective
  • Access to top of the line data of your terrain through state of the art functional tests
  • Increased and sustained energy levels
  • Feeling in tune with your body
  • Understanding your food cravings and feeding your body what it needs
  • Living a healthy and sustainable life that comes second nature
  • Living a pain free body life, never have to rely on medication
  • Reduced stress and anxiety in your body
  • Sleeping throughout the night and feel rested with you wake
  • Having compassion for yourself and your body
  • Feeling empowered about the choices you are making


An evaluation from head to toe employing nature's perspective of homeostasis, will only empower and sustain a root cause elimination path towards vitality, high energy levels and a better inwards perspective. Going forward with this information, we will formulate a list of recommendations designed to improve your health now and forever by combining mineralization and nutrition custom made to you!