Functional Tests

 What sets my practice apart is integrating functional tests, with leading worldwide laboratories, that provide markers for metabolic, mitochondrial, and environmental factors in chronic illnesses. These tests pinpoint disequilibrium and dysbiosis on one’s terrain and provides the evidence required to design the most effective nutritional and rejuvenating protocols: 

  • Hair Tissue Mineral Test:  
    • Using hair from the scalp, this affordable and pain free test indicates mineral imbalances and heavy metal toxicities. Helpful for anyone on their healing journey since minerals fuel all reactions in the body. It is especially helpful for those struggling with hormone imbalances, suspected or diagnosed hypothyroidism, PCOS, endometriosis, and those transitioning off hormonal birth control or the copper IUD.
    • To order an HTMA test, click here.
    • It would be my pleasure to work with you alongside this data to find the most suitable protocol for your bio-individualism. 
  • Dutch Test: 
    • This test is a comprehensive assessment of sex and adrenal hormones and their metabolites. It also includes the daily, free cortisol pattern, organic acids, melatonin (6-OHMS), and 8-OHdG
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These are just a few examples of functional tests that can be discussed to understand and support bio-individuality when creating a nutrition and supplement protocol. I am beyond grateful to have the opportunity to work 1:1 with those interested and reach deep into the true root causes of one’s symptoms by combining state of the art functional tests and naturopathic principles like holistic nutrition and herbalism.