My Smoothies Tips for Hormone Balance and Thyroid Support

Here is a couple of my tips for a smoothie thats rich in protein, good fats and minerals to support thyroid function and hormones:

1: Avoid Sugar Fluctuations πŸ“ˆπŸπŸ₯€πŸ“‰

Starting the day with a high fat high protein breakfast will help you stabilize your sugar levels for the day and lay a good base ground for your thyroid and adrenals.
Since fruits are simple carbs that are easily absorbed by our gut, a well-rounded macro smoothies will help reduce the chances of insulin spikes.

2: Saturated and Monosaturated fats πŸ₯₯πŸ₯‘

Nature's fat found in animal products like butter, ghee or dairy and in coconuts, avocados.and olives We are fat phobic here in the western society, meanwhile in Europe and Asia, fat is at the forefront. A healthy dose of fat will provide the body with energy, they keep us warm and protect our organs. It is also crucial for proper absorption of fat soluble vitamins: A,D,E,K.

Fat for smoothies: yogurt, coconut cream or milk, avocados.

3: Protein Important For Thyroid πŸ₯“

Protein synthesis is important for tissue growth and repair. They offer a multitude of thyroid loving vitamins like B, Selenium and Magnesium. Since most hormones are made by the liver and it uses protein as the raw material for getting work done.

I like to add a scoop of collagen, dairy products also are a great source.

4: Simple Carbs as Berries Are Essential πŸ“

If you keep writing checks (eating protein alone) without depositing more money (eating carbs), eventually you'll run out of money in your account (develop low blood sugar). Wild berries like blueberries are also low in the glycemic index, filled with antioxidants that support your liver and are packed with vitamin c and manganease.

5: Mineral Rich Liquids 🌿πŸ₯₯

Why use water, filled with toxics and depleted of minerals when there's a multitude of herbal teas like nettle and oatstraw, which are rich in minerals and vitamins like: calcium, magnesium, Vitamin k and copper. All important for strong adrenals!
I like to make a batch the night before, letting it infuse throughout the night and drink it in the morning!
Coconut water is also recommended for that dose of potassium

6: Bee Products to finish off 🐝🍯

Au lieu of topping your smoothie with granola, try bee pollen! The crunch crust and soft.inside provide a pleasant mouthful, while you are getting another dose of live enzymes and bioflavonoids to help maintain hormonal health.