My Favorite Kids Multivitamins

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 Finally it’s here: Andra’s favorite multivitamins!

As you can see, the usual chewable big brand suspects are not included, why?

In a nutshell, laboratory supplements can be:
- low quality
- disproportioned balance between vitamins. ei: D:K
- low absorption rate
- create mineral inbalances
- added sugars, natural flavors, articifical colors and additives

This is where the kingdom of plants come into play! Did you know that nature has provided us with very rich bioavailable minerals and vitamins through it’s garden?
I want to shift the focus from leafy greens and rainbow syrups, which let’s be honest: are not always welcomed by our little ones, towards tinctures extracted from wild crafted herbs, sprouts and adaptogenic mushrooms.

Why herbal tinctures?

- wild crafted plants extracted in traditional ways
- highly rich in bioavailable nutrients that are easily recognized by our bodies
- low rate of mineral dysbiosis
- sugars and come from fruit extractions or peels

Page 2 and onwards give you a couple of examples of ingredients lists found in herbal mineral kids tinctures.
Plants like:

- nettle leaf and oat straw: rich in minerals and vitamins
- acerola fruit: vitamin c, flavonoids, copper
- elderberry and plantain: straightens respiratory immunity
- dandelion and marshmallow: liver support
- adaptogenic mushroom: supports calmness, cognitive performance, overall immunity

I do like to mention that tinctures could potentially contain allergens like: nuts, flower pollens and/or dairy. So it is important to double check the ingredient list and speak to your trusted health practioner.
For more of my favourites tinctures, I have made a children’s favourites list on Iherb, a worldwide available website that I adore:  
Mighty minerals can be found on @organicolivia

*images from iherb and organic olivia

Be well!