6 Reasons Why I Don't Recommend Synthetic Multivitamins For Kids

As discussed yesterday on my stories, saved under highlight: vitamins, here is a quick breakdown why I do not promote synthetic multivitamins for kids. I much prefer hacking their mineral intake from plant or organ derived products like: herbal tinctures and dessicated organ supplements. These are much more bioavailable, usually high quality wild crafted and grass fed and contain a plathora of benefits beyond the nutrition label that support a strong immunity, high function thyroids and cell energy production.

1 - Low absorption rate and quality:
Vitamin A palmitate, for example, has shown in studies to have the potential for vitamin A toxicity, vs retinol, the bioavailable source. Another source of vitamin A in multivitamins is beta-carotene, which requires a good metabolism to be absorbed, studies show it’s usually around 3% absorption rate: you would need to eat 40 pounds of cooked carrots for 100g of liver to achieve the same ratio of retinol.

2 - Missing key components from naturally derived vitamin:
Vitamin C derived from fruit is rich in enzymes, copper, bioflavonoids, P-J-K factors. All important components that support strong immunity and fights oxidative stress. Ascorbic acid is actually just the outer layer of Vitamin C.

3 - Sourced from GMO corn or soy:
Synthetic C - D - E, for example, are usually sourced from GMO corn and seed oils like sunflower/soy. Many studies have shown that genetically modified products are sources of low thyroid function, gut dysbiosis, overburn of liver.

4 - Missing master minerals:
Magnesium and potassium are often left behind in these products but ironically are at the building blocks of cell energy production!
Official stats confirm that more than 75% of the western population are deficient in both minerals.
They also help convert Vitamin D, pulling it away from the tissues and arteries where it creates calcification: cardiovascular or joint issues.

5 - Every probiotic strain has a purpose:
All probiotics are not created equal: bas. coagulans bacterias are known to help with chronic diahrea, so if you are on the other spectrum aka constipated, this wouldn’t be the most suitable one for your little one’s terrain.

6 - Non medical ingredients: low quality
Glucose syrup, just like seed oils, is one of the biggest culprit of metabolic diseases and it should be replaced with natural sugars like maple syrup or honey which are way richer in minerals like copper, riboflavin and manganease. A missed opportunity.
Natural flavours could potentially be a mix of of 2000 chemicals to recreate a flavor. This is particularly important to be careful with since it is a daily routine and not just the rare processed food we give as treats.

Hope this helps understand the difference between synthetic <> natural!
Please check in with your health practioner before including any supplements in your protocol.